Beneifts to homeowners:

  • Low cost
  • Quick resolution
  • Keep HOA power in check
  • Have your voice heard
  • Protect your property rights

There are currently more than 62 million people that live in HOA communities in the United States and that number continues to grow each year. People love the look and feel of HOA communities and they love the amenities. But when you move into an HOA community you agree to be bound by the CC&Rs and other community documents. These documents establish an HOA Board which serves as your local community government. The HOA Board is made up of volunteers from within your community. They are empowered to collect monthly or quarterly dues and assessments. They also create, interpret and enforce the rules of the community. And if you don’t comply, they can fine you, put a lien on your property or in some cases can force a sale of your home. The problem is that there are no real checks and balances built into the HOA government.

Typically, if a homeowner wanted to challenge the legality of the conduct of the HOA Board they had to file a lawsuit in court, hire a lawyer and spend tens of thousands of dollars and up to two years of their life trying to hold the HOA accountable. Then, if the homeowner lost the legal battle, they would have to pay, not only their own attorney but the attorney’s fees of the HOA. This outcome would be financially devastating for many homeowners so the result is that very few homeowners ever attempt to enforce their legal rights. This has resulted in many HOA Boards throughout the United States going unchecked. No matter how good the people are on the HOA boards this is an unwise system of government.

The HLS Dispute Resolution Program offers an easy and inexpensive way for homeowners to keep their HOA Boards in check and to protect their rights as a homeowner.