HLS offers valuable reports for both buyers and sellers in HOA communities.


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When a buyer signs a contract to purchase a home he or she receives a large stack of documents from the HOA which include the CC&Rs, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and financials for the community. This stack often contains 100 pages or more of legalese. With their attention focused on closing on the home, many homeowners simply skip reviewing these documents altogether. But ignorance of the community operations and the community documents can have devastating consequences, including potential loss of the home.

The HOA Due Diligence Report summarizes your specific documents and provides you with quick bullet point summaries of all of the important community documents, the community financials, community litigation and the location of any sex offenders in the vicinity. And you can rest easy knowing that your HOA Due Diligence Report was prepared by an attorney.

  • Standard Report – $250

Includes summary of community documents such as CC&Rs, Rules and Regulations and Bylaws.

  • Premium Report – $350  

Includes a summary of all community documents but also includes a summary of the community financials, any community litigation and a summary of any sex offenders in the vicinity.

No money is due upfront. The cost of the report is paid at close of escrow.

To request your customized Buyer’s Community Due Diligence Report simply email your completed Order Form – Buyer to buck@homeownerlegalservices.com and within one week you will have your customized report.

View a sample report by clicking Buyer’s Community Due Diligence Report