Our Neutral Evaluation program is a unique and effective dispute resolution program specifically tailored to the needs of HOA communities. Here’s how it works.

  1.  A summary of the dispute is submitted through the HLS website. A dispute may be submitted by either a homeowner or a homeowners’ association.
  2. The submitting party pays a flat fee of $350.
  3. A facilitator contacts the submitting party to discuss the dispute.
  4. The facilitator then contacts the other party to discuss the dispute.
  5. The facilitator then schedules a video conference with a retired judge to hear the matter and educate the parties.
  6. The retired judge will make a written non-binding ruling and provide it to the parties.
  7. If the submitting party “wins”, the other party must reimburse the $350 filing fee. For example, if the homeowner is the submitting party and wins, the homeowner may deduct the $350 from future dues and assessments. If the HOA is the submitting party and wins, the HOA may add a fee of $350 to the next statement for dues and assessments to the homeowner.
  8. With the ruling of the retired judge the parties can hopefully resolve the dispute between themselves. But if the parties still cannot reach a settlement either party may proceed with filing a lawsuit in court.