HOA disputes are often difficult to resolve because each side interprets the community documents or state statutes very differently. And without additional education and advice settlement negotiations will get stalled. In this situation Neutral Evaluation can be helpful. Neutral evaluation is a process by which the parties informally present their legal issues to a local retired State Court Judge who is experienced in interpreting community documents as well as HOA statutes and case law. The retired judge listens to the positions of the parties and then makes a non-binding ruling based on his or her many years of experience as judge. The neutral evaluation is done by video conference to keep the costs down for both sides and the process is informal enough and simple enough that the parties do not need attorneys to represent them. An unbiased evaluation by a retired judge will better educate the parties on a particular legal issue and is often what the parties need to be able to successfully settle the dispute on their own.

Neutral Evaluations can typically take place within 3-4 weeks from when they are requested.

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